Shipping fees

Spanish territory 

1 Pack 7,30 € 14,00 € 50,57 € 40,87 €
2 Packs 10,50 € 21,00 € 74,12 € 49,07 €
3 Packs 11,30 € 24,50 € 105,57 € 60,17 €
4 Packs 12,60 € 28,20 € 125,37 € 67,37 €
5 Packs 14,00 € 32,00 € 144,87 € 74,07 €
*The transport prices for the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla include the transport cost, insurance and customs clearance  at origin, but not the import duties and local taxes which are in charge of the costumer on arrival.
*Shipments bound for the Canary Islands by air, takes out costs of exit of 17.37€ (Included in the price) and expenditure of arrival of 13.99€ (not included in the price).
*Shipments to Ceuta and Melilla, have imply custom charges on arrival of 17.37€ (included in the price).
  • Shipping charges include 18% VAT.
  • The rate of COD will be 3.50€.
  • The shipping price of 2 or more packs is independent from the packs chosen.


Pack 1 18,00 € 13,30 € 15,70 € 22,10 € 22,15 €
Pack 2 18,00 € 13,30 € 15,70 € 22,10 € 22,15 €
Pack 3 18,00 € 13,30 € 15,70 € 22,10 € 22,15 €
Pack 4 18,00 € 13,30 € 15,70 € 22,10 € 22,15 €
Pack 5 18,00 € 13,30 € 15,70 € 22,10 € 22,15 €
2 Packs 20,30 € 17,30 € 18,15 € 24,25 € 27,70 €
3 Packs 22,90 € 22,65 € 21,05 € 28,45 € 32,55 €
4 Packs 40,00 € 26,00 € 36,50 € 50,50 € 54,50 €
5 Packs 42,00 € 29,40 € 39,00 € 52,50 € 60,00 €



Pack 1 23,70 € 34,15 € 40,40 € 65,75 €
Pack 2 23,70 € 34,15 € 40,40 € 65,75 €
Pack 3 23,70 € 34,15 € 40,40 € 65,75 €
Pack 4 23,70 € 34,15 € 40,40 € 65,75 €
Pack 5 23,70 € 34,15 € 40,40 € 65,75 €
2 Packs 28,50 € 39,80 € 44,50 € 70,45 €
3 Packs 29,80 € 42,85 € 50,55 € 72,80 €
4 Packs 53,50 € 77,00 € 90,00 € 138,00 €
5 Packs 58,30 € 82,60 € 95,00 € 143,00 €
ºThe destinations of Corsica, Sicily, Isle of Man and Channel Islands have a supplement of 15€ on the general rate of the country. 
*Custom formalities at origin are included in the rate of all countries outside the EU (target rate and taxes are excluded).




It is very important to us having your trust, therefore, in the following lines we inform you about the data you share and we collect, so that you are able to know how we use it, and how can you control their use.

Only we collect, use and share your information as described in this policy. The personal data you provide us will be stored on a file, which will manage 

Winery Iniesta S.L.U, with registered office in Carretera Fuentealbilla-Villamalea

Km 1.5, 02260, Fuentealbilla, Albacete, Spain, as responsible for the file. Your

information is safe with us, because we are committed to safeguarding the privacy and security of all the data you provide to us. 

The purposes of use of the file, will respond to the requests made to us, send you

the information about the winery and our promotions and activities so that you can enjoy our offers, as well as in your case, manage their access to certain  services and functions offered by our website. 

You will always have the control of your data; you can update your profile and your communication preferences at any time. Bodega Iniesta S.L.U undertakes to respect the confidentiality of personal information and to guarantee the exercise of your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, which you can exercise by written communication addressed to the above address to the attention of "General Rules of Data Protection (RGPD)”, or by sending an email to


Term "personal data" appears many times in this document and refers to any information that can identify you as an individual, such as your name, your contact details, the chains of cookies, as well as to information that does not identify you as an individual, but we store along with such identifiers, such as the way you use our services or the country from where it does. 

This policy sets out how we collect and how we treat the information on all our web sites, applications, and other services. Every time we make a modification, we publish on this site the most recent version. When we make a significant change, we will notify you by way of a more effective communication. 


We only use your information when you have given your consent, when it is necessary to provide the services you've requested, when it is necessary to exercise or comply with the legal rights or obligations or for normal business purposes described in this Policy. When it is necessary to do so to offer our services to you or to help you execute a contract which has concluded or go to formalize, as for example, when you make a reservation with us in Bed & Breakfasts or scheduled visits to the winery. 

Improve or optimize our services, as well as protect our legitimate interests. It should be noted some serious reasons such as prevention and security against fraud, as well as other reasons more pleasant as optimization of the product to continue offering a better version of Wine Cellar Iniesta to our customers and users. When we have your consent. 

When it is necessary to exercise or to comply with our own rights or legal obligations. 


Without information, we cannot help you plan your purchases and reservations in Bodega Iniesta. Thus, when you use our services, we have to collect, preserve and share some personal data and ask for your consent in accordance with this policy.

We may collect information in three different ways:


1. Provide it to us voluntarily

May be between the information that you choose to provide us with a series of personal data that you need to do your shopping or simply to be able to perform their reserves of the services that we are offering. This includes the names and contact information for the selected dates in the case of the reserve of one of our packages of wine tourism. You can also include content as opinions or photos  you decide to upload to our services in order to share them with other clients and users. The important thing is that it is always your choice whether or not to provide this type of information.


2. We generate it automatically.

Some information is generated or is automatically collected from your computer or device while using our services. This information includes data such as the IP address, information about the device and web browser you are using to Access our services, the URL of the web site from which you visit us and third party websites you visit when you click the links and leaves the web site of Winery Iniesta. It also includes the details of the reservations it has made through Winery Iniesta. We can also find out your location through the IP address or your mobile device. In this way, we can improve your experience and provide you with a more relevant content.


3. The we receive from third parties

On occasion, we collect information about you from third depending on how you interacted with us. For example, when you visit our web site through a promotional partner or when you log on to your account Winery Iniesta using the log for social networks.

Our services are not intended for persons under the age of 18 years. In addition,  no one under the age of 18 years must provide data to our services or through them. 

Specifically we do not knowingly collect personal data from children under the age of 18 years, and we eliminate if we are aware of it or have received personal data by someone other than the parent or legal guardian of the child, or without  your explicit consent. 


Depending on how to interact with our services, we may collect or treat the following categories of personal data of any of the three different ways that are explained above.

Contact information:

As the name, address, email address, phone number and other similar information.

Identifying Information:

As a copy of your passport or other documents for confirmation of identification

that may contain information such as your name, address, gender, immigration status, nationality and date of birth.

Payment information:

As the number of your credit or debit card, the date of validity and the verification code if you make a reservation or purchase through our website.

Information about shopping and Reservations:

As the number of your booking reference, the history of reservations, the registration of the names of customers and users.

Demographic data:

Age, sex, location and preferred language if you use our services.

Device information and the location:

Generic Details of your device.

Data from specific location based on GPS data from your mobile device (if we are granted access to this information in the settings of your device);

Location to be determined based on the IP address.

Usage information and profile:

Your search history in Wine Cellar Iniesta and their buying preferences;

As has interacted with our services, including the time spent on our website or application and the pages or functions that have accessed;

The links that you click to be redirected to our services.

Information about the preferences:

The selected preferences associated with Bodega Iniesta, including specific

consents that has accepted or rejected the preferences of automatic notifications and by e-mail, and cookies that contain your advertising preferences.


Includes communications you send to us, such as comments, requests for help and  consultations by e-mail, as well as other means of electronic communication such as online chat, instant messaging or social networks;

The metadata associated with such communications, such as the date and time.

User Generated Content or provided by users:

Content you upload to our services, such as comments, photos, videos, recommendations, preferences, views and metadata, such as the date and time associated with that content;

Any information you send to us in the course of any correspondence you may have with us, such as signatures, pictures and opinions.

Social networking information:

The e-mail address is automatically retrieved from the external social network

platform from which you log in Wine Cellar Iniesta. 


We keep your data only during the time that the need or if required for legal reasons. Then we eliminate or become anonymous.

We only store your personal data during the time that we need. This depends on the reason for which they were collected or if we have a legal basis for doing so (for example, to fulfill a contract between the parties, provide a service you requested or satisfy our legitimate interests). We guarantee that, if we no longer have any reason or legal obligation to treat your personal data, delete or store in an anonymous way.

We have different data retention policies for the different types of personal data taking into account the following:

 The purpose for which the data was collected personal information;

 How much time is required to comply with this purpose;

 Any reason or legal obligation to retain personal data for a certain period of time.

In addition, if you have an account with us, we will retain personal data such as your email address, your name and other details so that you can log on and Access to our services provided you have an account. It is also possible to retain information indefinitely, as the activity of the linked web site to an IP address, which we use to better understand customers and users, to improve our products and services, and protecting our commercial interests.

Regardless of the length of the retention period, you may request removal of your personal data in certain circumstances. 


Your data is safely stored in our cellar Iniesta in Spain. 


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Cookies are necessary for the effective development of our services, to optimize and customize our offerings.

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