Information and Prices

Packets are sent to receive them in 2 to 3 days of ordering (Spanish territory).

Shipments to the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and the other countries will have an estimated delivery time shown in the following table:

Spanish territory:

1-6 bot5,00 €15,00 €60 €60 €
7-12 bot9,00 €22,00 €85,00 €85,00 €
13-18 bot10,00 €25,00 €116,00 €116,00 €
19-24 bot11,50 €30,00 €135,00 €135,00 €
25-30 bot14,50 €35,00 €155,00 €155,00 €
31-36 bot17,50 €40,00 €ConsultarConsultar
37-42 bot20,00 €43,00 €ConsultarConsultar
43-48 bot23,00 €47,00 €ConsultarConsultar
49-54 bot26,00 €50,00 €ConsultarConsultar
55-60 bot30,00 €54,00 €ConsultarConsultar
60 botConsultarConsultarConsultarConsultar


 1-6 bot7-12 bot13-18 bot19-24 bot25-30 bot
FRANCIA19,89 €28,34 €39,68 €47,00 €54,00 €
PORTUGAL14,00 €18,50 €23,00 €27,00 €30,00 €
ALEMANIA19,89 €28,34 €39,68 €47,00 €54,00 €
AUSTRIA25,00 €33,93 €44,45 €50,51 €58,00 €
BELGICA25,00 €33,93 €44,45 €50,51 €58,00 €
LUXEMBURGO25,00 €33,93 €44,45 €50,51 €58,00 €
REINO UNIDO25,00 €33,93 €44,45 €50,51 €58,00 €
HOLANDA25,00 €33,93 €44,45 €55,00 €60,00 €
ITALIA25,00 €33,93 €44,45 €55,00 €60,00 €
DINAMARCA30,20 €35,88 €43,76 €54,00 €59,00 €
HUNGRIA30,20 €35,88 €43,76 €54,00 €59,00 €
POLONIA30,20 €35,88 €43,76 €54,00 €59,00 €
REP. CHECA30,20 €35,88 €43,76 €54,00 €59,00 €
BULGARIA61,01 €64,92 €70,92 €81,69 €92,58 €
ESTONIA61,01 €64,92 €70,92 €81,69 €92,58 €
FINLANDIA61,01 €64,92 €70,92 €81,69 €92,58 €
GRECIA66,01 €69,92 €75,92 €86,69 €97,58 €
IRLANDA61,01 €64,92 €70,92 €81,69 €92,58 €
LETONIA61,01 €64,92 €70,92 €81,69 €92,58 €
LITUANIA61,01 €64,92 €70,92 €81,69 €92,58 €
SUECIA61,01 €64,92 €70,92 €81,69 €92,58 €
ESLOVAQUIA40,50 €45,00 €51,00 €90,00 €95,00 €
ESLOVENIA40,50 €45,00 €51,00 €90,00 €95,00 €
RUMANIA40,50 €45,00 €51,00 €90,00 €95,00 €

Estimated delivery time:

 Estimated days

To send more than 30 bottles to any destiny outside Spain please consult the condition with us through or calling: +34 967090650.

Calculation for the number of bottles:

The number of bottles in each weight-range is approximated and will dependo on the wines contained in each order (A magnum bottle is heavier than a 75cl one, etc)

Taxes and customs:

Prices for transportation to Canary Island, Ceuta and Melilla included transportation cost, insurance and dispatch in customs of origin, however do not include import tariffs and local taxes that are borne by the customer on arrival.       

Arrivals such as Corcega, Sicilia, Isla de Man and Islas of the Channel have a supplement of 15 € over the general Price for their country.

Air Shipments with destination to Canary Islands carry an arrival cost of 13,99 € that are not included in the transportation cost.

Customs formalities in origin to be included in the rate for countries outside the EU (landing fees and taxes excluded).


COD commission has a value of 5% over the total cost of the order. A mínimum of 3,50 € per order.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the transportation cost? The rates listed on this page include, in addition to the transport of products ordered, its package in boxes specially designed to carry bottles, insurance against loss or breakage, and the VAT in those territories where this tax applies.

How long will my order take to arrive? In the Iberian Peninsula, orders usually take 2 to 3 business days to be delivered. Shipments to the Balearic Islands and other European countries usually take 3 to 4 days, while shipments to the Canaries will be delivered between 8 and 12 working days after ordering. The time begins to run from 9 am the next business day after order confirmation.

What happens if a bottles gets broken on the way? In the event that a bottle breaks during transport, Bodega Iniesta will make the necessary arrangements to recover all products of your order, and make a complete reissue of all products of your order.

If when you receive the order detects a humidity box or suspect that there may have been a break, do not accept the order, and please contact us by phone or email to manage the incident. (

Can i require the Courier to pass by at a certain time or get a reminder before going? In general, no. Contracted conditions are for a standard (non-urgent), economical, with delivery during the day, Monday to Friday service without notice.

While most agencies cater to a delivery only in the morning or only in the afternoon, it is not always possible and the agency is not required to meet such requests. We recommend indicate a direction in which there is always someone during the day to take delivery at the first attempt.

What if I am not at home when the courier arrives? In this case, the carrier will leave a note with a phone that can call for, if possible, a new delivery attempt, or arrange the collection in their stores.

It is important to note that the number of delivery attempts depends on the contracted agency in each country and may vary from one area to another; In some locations, you may just try it once. It is essential that there is always someone during the day at the address specified to ensure delivery at first attempt.

Do I have to pay anything to the carrier? Transportation is included in the total order price. If you have chosen to pay on delivery, the couier must pay the total amount of the order. If you paid by credit card or Paypal and not have to pay anything to the carrier, unless it is an order for Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla or any country outside the European Union (see Additional Information on import duties and local) taxes.

For more information see: “Enlace Términos y condiciones